Relationship Counseling
Therapy for Individuals and Couples


Build and Rebuild Stronger Connections

Relationship counseling can help improve a multitude of relationship issues. You might be dealing with a difficult, toxic, or even abusive relationship. Your marriage might feel like it’s “falling apart.” Or, you might struggle with forming friendships, dating, and building lasting connections with others.

Humans are relational creatures, and relationships make up such an important part of our world. So, when things aren’t going well in our relational lives, we suffer.

Some of the most common reasons people seek therapy for relationship issues include:

  • Break-up or divorce
  • Cheating and infidelity
  • Frequent fighting or argument with loved ones
  • Loneliness and difficulty making friends
  • Destructive relationship patterns and or choices
  • Difficulties with social skills and communication
  • Fear of commitment, abandonment, and or rejection
  • Adjustment to parenthood or co-parenting

If your relationships aren’t going the way you want, therapy can help.

Your relationship deserves support

My name is Donna Xu, founder of Serenity Counseling B/CS. As a licensed marriage and family therapist associate (LMFT-A), I specialize in helping people work through marital conflict and engage more effectively with others.

I work with individuals and couples who are hoping to enhance their relational selves and build better connections. Although some relationship issues are best addressed with couples counseling, individual therapy for relationship issues can offer you a separate space that focuses on your personal needs and growth.

My therapy incorporates Solution Focused and Narrative techniques to provide a post modern treatment experience, one that is designed to help you (and your partner) recognize unhealthy patterns and communicate more effectively. As a couple’s therapist, my goal is to help your relationships become both more satisfying and self-sustaining. Although my office is based in College Station, I work with individuals and couples from all across Texas (through online therapy).

My therapy can help you:

  • Open up and be vulnerable
  • Express yourself in authentic ways
  • Learn basic and advanced social skills
  • Work through conflict
  • Address insecurities
  • Enhance intimacy and love
  • Overcome barriers to connection

Sometimes the best way to start building better relationships is through a therapeutic relationship. You can lean on my support and expertise as you work to improve your relationships in the “real” world. You don’t have to do this alone.

Let’s do this together. Contact me today to get started.

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Get Started with Relationship Counseling

Serenity Counseling B/CS is a Texas-based private practice founded by Donna Xu, M.S., LMFT-A. Donna’s practice is dedicated to helping adults overcome life’s challenges through compassionate, evidence-based care. Each service is entirely confidential and individually tailored to your needs.

Cost per Session:

$ 115
for 1 hour

Pay By: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa

$ 145
for 1.5 hours

Pay By: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa