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Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety

Heart racing. Hands trembling. Walls are closing in. Finding it hard to breathe. Do these sound familiar? Anxiety can be crippling, but it doesn’t have to be. An anxiety therapist can teach you coping mechanisms that can calm the storm brewing in your mind and prevent the physical effects.

What is Happening to Me?

Ever wonder why your body reacts in so many crazy ways when you’re feeling anxious? When your mind feels it is facing a threat, the “fight or flight” response kicks in. In response to a threat, your brain is designed to trigger the sympathetic nervous system. When this happens, your body begins to respond with involuntary symptoms such as a racing heart or increased breathing. What’s happening is your body is releasing hormones into the bloodstream sent out to “attack” the proposed threat. Learning coping skills can help control the involuntary response and help you feel better overall.

How an Anxiety Therapist Can Help

Let’s be clear that anxiety is a normal reaction to something stressful or a triggering event. However, it’s the level of anxiety and how you handle it that can be unhealthy. Learning coping mechanisms to adequately control your body’s responses is key. Take a look at the suggestions below to get an idea of coping skills you can implement or learn.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Grounding techniques
  • Relaxation methods
  • Education on anxiety
  • Keep track of triggers and symptoms in a journal
  • Identify triggers

Let’s not forget that a healthy body can help you have a healthy mind. All the coping mechanisms you learn aren’t going to be effective if you’re not moving your body regularly and getting sufficient sleep.

Regain Control With Serenity Counseling

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you, literally. Donna Xu has extensive experience educating clients on methods of treatment that can help put your mind at ease. Request an appointment through this link, or call 979-777-1184 today so you can learn coping skills that will change you