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Is Joint Counseling an Option for Engaged Couples?

There is no rule or regulation as to who can attend counseling. You do not have to be married, engaged, or living with your partner to receive counseling services as a couple. If you are currently in a relationship and are interested in building a stronger foundation – or deal with some issues that keep popping up – couples counseling is a smart option.

How Counseling for Couples Strengthens a Relationship

Typically, when someone thinks of counseling, the first thought is that there is “trouble in paradise”. Please know that counseling is not just meant to fix problems you might already have. Think of counseling as a mentorship of sorts. You are meeting with an expert interested neutral party who only knows the details you decide to share, along with whatever their keen expertise picks upon.

A therapist is trained and experienced in providing you with tools needed to improve decision-making skills, communication, discipline when it comes to finances, and also helps you see things from a different viewpoint – a new perspective

These valuable tools are assets in your personal life and work to improve the integrity of your personal relationships. For example, when you learn to communicate effectively, your partner feels heard, understood, and appreciated. As their loving feelings for you are validated through your actions, the strength of your bond grows.

Imagine the future and how amazing it would feel to have the trust and tools needed to create unwavering unity within your relationship.

Professional Counseling Services for Couples in Plano Texas

Serenity Counseling B/CS proudly offers counseling for engaged couples, couples thinking about marriage, or those just starting out in their relationship. Through video counseling sessions and in-person appointments available at our Dallas area location, we can meet you however you prefer. Reach us here or call 979-777-1184 to reach our Plano office.