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Why Some People Have More Extreme Emotional Reactions

Being emotional is a part of life.

And even though emotions are a natural part of being human they sometimes get in the way of having a healthy and happy existence.
Have you ever been told you have anger issues?
Or, maybe you’re too thin skinned?

If you’ve heard these, or other similar comments, multiple times over the years form multiple people, you might benefit from discussing the matter with a professional counselor.

Why Am I So Emotional?

There are many reasons that contribute to excessive emotional reactions.

Some individuals are born with an increased emotional sensitivity and continue to carry that throughout their adult life. Some individuals never develop appropriate coping skills.

Managing emotions is not an innate skill. It comes with education, practice, and time. And even with a normal level of coping skills you can still become completely overwhelmed.

When It’s Time to Seek Therapy

Reasons to seek out therapy include:
● Extreme emotional reactions are creating issues within your relationships or at work.
● You have difficulty effectively communicating how you’re feeling
● You struggle to “bounce back” from an unpleasant or difficult scenarios
● You feel that you have no control or even that ‘you’re going crazy’
● You experience frequent or increasing mood swings

It’s Possible to Gain Control Overs Your Emotions

If you find yourself struggling with your emotions, our team of skilled therapists are here to help.

Donna Xu is a therapist in Plano, Texas. She specializes in therapy for grief, anxiety, depression, as well as helping individuals work through relationship matters. Donna can work with clients across all of Texas via online sessions.