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Trouble with Your New Family? Consider Blended Family Counseling

One of the biggest challenges, when people remarry, is children. Relationships aren’t always easy, to begin with. When you add children to the mix, it increases the dynamic of difficulties due to decision making, busy schedules, personality conflicts, etcetera. If you are experiencing dissension in your new family, blended family counseling may be just what you need.

Children and Remarriage

Research cited by the American Psychological Association states that children ages 10 to 14 have the most difficult time adjusting to a stepfamily. Children ages 15 and older have less investment in a stepfamily, and children under the age of 10 are typically more accepting of a stepparent. There are several reasons a child struggles with their mom or dad moving on with another partner. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons outlined below.

  1. Attachment – The child may exhibit signs of increased attachment to one parent out of jealousy or fear.
  2. Guilt – Your child may feel that your divorce or the death of the other  parent is somehow their fault.
  3. Lack of Belonging – Daughters subconsciously feel that the step mother is replacing them. Likewise, sons may feel the same toward a stepfather. It is quite common for a child to feel more like an outsider than part of a new family.
  4. Feelings of Betrayal – When dad or mom was dating this fun new person, it was ok, but once thap person becomes a member of the family the child may suddenly feel that showing love or affection for a stepparent might is a betrayal to  their other parent.

There are many other reasons a child could struggle with your new family and could benefit from blended family counseling. Whether you are considering remarriage and want to get ahead of the game or you are experiencing struggles in your new blended family, seeking the help of a family therapist is the best option for a smoother transition and happier family.

Donna Xu, Your Blended Family Counseling Expert

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