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What is Postmodern Therapy?

Postmodern therapy is a collaborative therapy where the patient and therapist work together through collaborative dialogue. It’s highly effective because instead of someone telling you how to think and behave in relation to your reason for seeking counseling, you and the therapist work together to find a solution that works for you. After all, you know you better than anyone else.

Why Consider Postmodern Therapies

The approach of postmodern treatment differs slightly from what you may have experienced in a traditional counseling setting. In traditional therapy, the therapist asks questions. You respond and the therapist listens to your response. This may go on for several sessions, and, at some point, she forms a diagnosis. This diagnosis may be depression, anxiety or something else commonly considered a mental condition. However, in postmodern therapy, instead of assuming that everyone has the same baseline level, you and your therapist determine where you are and where you want to be. Postmodern treatment focuses on improving your understanding of you, others and your relationships with them. 

What to Expect in Postmodern Treatment

If you’ve ever been to a therapist, you know there will be questions. However, in postmodern therapy, expect more complex conversations. The goal isn’t necessarily to solve your problems or cure you, but rather to open your mind to how you can best function in different relationships and situations. Ideally, when you finish, you will have a greater insight into yourself which will improve your enjoyment of work, play and even love. 

Call to Schedule Your Postmodern Therapy Appointment

As a marriage and family therapist, I offer counseling for relationship issues, depression and anxiety. I find that using a postmodern approach offers the best path to healing for my clients. If you are ready to start your journey to living and loving better, call me at (979) 777-1184 or fill out my contact form to schedule your appointment. I offer teletherapy during this time of Covid.